Internal Environment
1 - Quarter Business Review
Believing in two way communication among functions and employees, OGSOL ensures to have a quarter business review every three months.
In this quarter gathering, each function presents the last quarter updates and achievements as well as the next quarter targets and objectives.
This business overview allows all employees to be aligned with the business, be able to see the bigger picture and feel involved in the business.

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2 - Engagement Activity
Team Building session was conducted to raise the efficiency of team work.
The Hidden message behind the session was:

  • Some tasks you will never be able to do it alone, whatever your skills were.
  • Never think you don’t have enough resources, using very few ones, you can make something great.
  • Practical model that effective team work lead to better results.

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3 - Communication skills project
It all started by an employee who wanted to share the knowledge he learnt about communication skills.
A session was conducted to all employees.
Various activities were made and new information was shared.
Yet, because OGSOL believes in the extra mile, the session became an internal communication skills project.
The Project last for Two Months.
A survey was conducted to evaluate the project success and indeed the project received positive feedback.

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4 - Iftar 2013
Like every year, OGSOL in Cooperation with its sister company Enviromental Solutions, gather for Ramadan Iftar.
This year, unlike every year , the employees chose to gather on iftar at the office.
The place is more cozy and comfortable, away from the noise and the striking crowd that all restaurants face during Ramadan.
Employees played play station tournament before iftar and an ES employee was the winner.

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5 - Kora Tournament 2013
It was a great afternoon where our team was playing with two external teams.
They played 3 games where they won only one. Despite the fact that they won 1 game only, this evening was full of laugh, enjoyment and fun.
Although the game was after a tiring working day, Yet, the team was excited and playing for fun.
There were little employees who came to encourage and support our team,
THANK YOU for your time and for sharing with us the moment, you made a difference in the spirit.

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6 - Orphans day
It was Ramadan and employees wanted to do a charity action; hence, we had the idea of visiting an orphanage and play with children.
The orphanage was a girls house primary school.
Around 10 employees visited the orphanage that day, each employee was responsible for a game to play with the kids.
The material and tools were prepared ahead.
The girlssinged  to us some songs and made some dancing performance, at the same time, they showed us the karate movements they learn for self- defense.

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7 - Socialization hour
Every once in a while, employees gather for socialization hour, it is one hour where employees meet up together and  do a small activity prepared by the HR function.
An example of socialization hour is when each employee writes his name on a piece of paper, and then gives the paper to the one next to him.
Each employee has to write the 1st thing that comes to his mind when he reads the name on the paper.
It was a funny game and employees know each other more.
Another example is the 1st day of New Year 2014 where employees gathered for 1 hour.
Each employee wrote the project he is proud of achieving it in 2013 and the objective he would like to achieve in 2014.

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8 - Q1 engagement outing
OGSOL believes that interacting outside the work environment among employees is crucial.
It allows employee to bond together and know each other more.
Therefore, this year, 2014, an outing has been organized for employees.
We planned for a day, where employees went together to play bowling and billiard.
We were divided into teams, from each team; one winner was nominated for final round,and then final winner.
As for billiard it was played on a friendly basis. Then, they were gathered for lunch.

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